The Property Market in Spain

INOW IS THE MOMENT TO BUY A PROPERTY IN SPAIN....  get a better quality of lifeWhile the property market in Spain has suffered at the hands of the global recession, this is actually good news for buyers of Spanish homes. Many sellers in Spain are accepting prices far below the asking price, meaning buyers can snap up some real bargains throughout the country.

Whether you're looking for a villa a stone's throw from the beach, an apartment in the heart of a bustling city or a country retreat,SPAIN-VISUAL is here to help you find whatever it is you're looking for in Spain.

                       HOW TO BUY a Property  in Spain

                            Purchaser’s checklist

Before you complete your property purchase you should make sure that:

  1. you have seen the Land Registry extract (nota simple), available from the Colegio de Registradores (translations into English for an additional fee), and checked the following details

  2. the property and land for sale match the details registered and the sellers are the registered owner(s)

  3. there are no debts or charges, such as a mortgage, on the property

  4. there are no legal proceedings initiated against the property for contravention of land planning law

  5. you have checked that planning permissions are in order and the property is a legal build. This is particularly relevant when buying off-plan or direct from a developer. The town hall can inform you whether the building has all licences and permissions and provide details of the type of land. If the property is built on rural land or land that is not classified for construction, additional confirmation should be sought from the regional government as to whether they have authorised the construction

  6. if you are buying an off-plan property, confirm that the property has been certified as finished by a registered architect and registered as a new build in the property register. The registration should also provide details of the developer’s insurance against structural and other defects in the construction. In the case of a private build (the previous owner built their own house and decided to sell before ten years had lapsed) you will need to request these details separately

  7. you have checked the latest town plan to see whether or not the plot you wish to buy has any building restrictions, is in a green zone or includes a public pathway or similar. This can be viewed at to the town planning (urbanismo) department of the local town hall

  8. you have carried out a property survey. Whilst this is not obligatory, it is wise to get a chartered surveyor to check the property

  9. You know the cadastral value of the property and how much purchase tax will be due. Be aware that tax is charged on the council’s valuation of the property as opposed to the amount of the sale. You can check this at the regional government’s online tax agency site using the cadastal reference number

Make sure you have seen the following documents:

  1. a paid-up receipt for the previous owner’s annual property tax (IBI). It is also wise to get a certificate from the town hall proving that there are no unpaid rates from previous years

  2. the Catastral certificate giving the exact boundaries and square metres of your land. The Cadastral record will be linked to the Land Register record by a cadastral reference which will be included in both. You should ensure that the property and land description contained in both records matches

  3. the licence of first occupancy or habitation certificate issued by the town hall. You will need this document to connect to electricity and water companies. Developers cannot force you to complete without this licence.

  4. receipt to prove all utility bills have been paid by the previous owner

  5. if applicable, a certificate signed by the President of the Community of Property Owners stating that there are no outstanding debts. You should be aware that if you later find that there are such debts outstanding, as the new owner, you assume the debts for the current and previous year (two years in total)

  6. as from 1st June 2013, all homes for sale or to let in Spain are required by law to have an energy efficiency certificate. If you are considering buying a property, the seller is obliged to show you this certificate



Dear visitor:

Someone told me to write you to let you know why you should live in  Spain.

  For starters, we are a country with much history, so you'll witness the many cultures and peoples who have been here from the Romans to the Arabs, from the Greeks to the Franks and all left their mark, and "IF MANY VARIED AND HAVE BEEN SO MUST BE SOMETHING " 

        BEACH +                                                + CLIMATE+HEALTH SERVICES+ GOOD SCHOOLS +SECURITY+FRIENDLY PEOPLE =                                           = QUALITY LIFE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY   

Continue with nature, we are a country diverse in climate and in landscapes, spectacular places, from the snowy mountains to beaches with emerald waters.

We are known for being a country among other things, beach and sun, but you can not imagine what it means beach in Spain, find places that you will not believe that there are still, to get lost listening to the sound of the sea.

But there is also the Green Spain, North, scenic meadows and mountains, clear rivers and untouched forests, villages where traditions endure and undiscovered cuisine, Spain is a mosaic of diversity.

Lively cities, show, where they share the most ancient and modern, where shines the most cutting-edge culture, cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Seville among others, where the pulse of our way of life. Where the nights are long and festive celebrations where it seems that never ends.

And do not forget one thing, good food and good wine, the perfect and as diverse as its festivals, landscapes and cultures.

But the last argument, the most important, its people, warm, open, that will make you feel at home, just for this value and worth a visit not to be missed.

"Spain, as you've never seen before"

    "Испания, как вы никогда раньше не  видели"

ña, como nunca la habías visto antes”

Visa/residence requirements

Please see our separate guide on Residency requirements in Spain.


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WHY Spain?


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